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Video Database

Here you can find our database of all videos by Th3 T3chi3s, this includes anything from our playlist videos to our single program tutorials categorized in specific sections.


Graphics have been developed using programs for more than a decade. Today, an ever increasing amount of web graphics, and even art, is made with the aide or completely with graphics programs. Cremnlin specializes in vector graphics and has made the majority of tutorials in this section for the programs Corel Draw and Inkscape. EatSleep has made several tutorial on the popular raster graphics editor PhotoShop and Paint.NET.

Video Editting

Video editing is a new form of art that is siezing the minds of people everywhere. Before, video editing was limited to programs like Windows Movie Marker, leaving the special effects up to the professionals. Thanks to programs like Sony Vegas those interesed in premier video editing have the ability express themselves through what they create. This is presumably one of Eatsleep's favorite and he has made many videos on video editing programs.

Audio Editting

Using music to express oneself is extremely popular in todays culture, programs like Sony Sound Forge or Audacity allow you create novice to professional sound work for any situation. We here at Th3 T3chi3s have limited knowledge of audio editing programs, but since audio editing is becoming as popular as image or video editing we will master this in the near future


Programming, as you might expect, lies at the core of all that we do here at Th3 T3chi3s. Everything in today's world is influenced, if in only the smallest way, by computer programming. We specialize in web development mostly. HTML is not truly a programming language, but a layout tool. We do however, use scripts like PHP and Javascript that encorparate logical elements of true programming into websites. All of Th3 T3chi3s have some level of knowledge and skill in web development with EatSleep and QuickaTrigger being the experts. They have made several video tutorials on basic HTML, PHP, and Javascript functions.


Animation can be found everwhere these days. The vast majority of professional films utilize some sort of animation or another. This field, however, has been considered to be an exclusive part of technology that requires years of training to participate in. That is not true at all! There are some simple animating tools like Pivot that even a computer novice could pick up in a couple of minutes. Even 3D animation is not as as complicated as it might seem. 3ds Max is a prime example of a program that can be learned realively easily and nevertheless produce marvelouse results.

System Maintenace

We here at Th3 T3chi3s spend a large majority of our time on computers to learn to teach you how to use various programs, our knowledge of computers on how to maintain and keep them safe from maleware comes natural to us. We can show you simple free yet effective ways to keep your computer up to speed on the latest protection on the war against computer viruses.

Video Games

As you might imagine, Th3 T3chi3s are great lovers of games. We all play video games to some degree or another. Or resident experts on all things related to xBox 360 are EatSleep and QuickaTrigger. KSGN, the predecessor or Th3 T3chi3s was completely video game based with montages and gaming techniques tutorials. Some of it, of course, was translated over of course. We mainly focus on game reviews so that even a those who do not own a game can appreciate and learn from the videos. Cremnlin has a wider experience with classic PC games, and has recounted the history of the arcade game Snake.


Here at Th3 T3chi3s, we like to go all over the place and crazy. Well, as crazy as a bunch of computer geeks can get. We do not limit our video making to the categories found on this page. Just about anything can be found in the Miscellaneous section and is often more entertaining that it is useful. In 2009, Th3 T3chi3s participated in Project 4 Awesome with a video that promoted the nonprofit organization Habitat For Humanity. The day long, charity-promoting, event was initiated several years ago by the Vlog Brothers, and we were proud to be part of such a worthwhile cause.