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Vectors Vs. Bitmaps

There are two main types of graphics in the computer illustration world: Bitmaps and Vectors. A bitmap is what you mostly see on websites and different kinds of textures. They are composed of units of color called pixels. The resolution of an image is retermined my the amount of pixels by pixels that it is. The less pixels there are, the more blury an image gets when looked at closely and the less file space it takes up. Vectors, on the other hand, have no units of color. They are made up of values and functions of colors and lines. The image is displayed as a rendering of these equations. Vectors contain no resolution, they apear the same however closely you zoom. This makes vectors ideal for illustration, especially large scale drawings. It means that you could draw a small picture and project it endlessly onto a surface without any problems with blurring. The file sizes of vector are also much smaller than bitmaps. The reason you do not see vectors on websites is because browsers do not support those kinds of files.

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