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Melissa has been doing photography for the past eight years in her home city of Raleigh. Besides photography, she is currently studying history and German and is interested in the history of photography. Her hobbies include sports and travelling, and her favorite place to travel is Baden-W├╝rttemberg, where she previously lived.

Corey has been shooting photography for the past 5 years. His primary interest lies in street, macro, and long exposure photography as you will see from his photos. Outside of photography, he enjoys basketball, weight lifting, swimming, and combat sports while working as an Electrical Engineering designer.

Corey is also Owner and Co-Founder of th3 techies a technology based IoT that now focuses on video production and software education training. If you wish to inquire about working with th3 techies please contact us at business@th3techies.com

Ben has worked in video and photography for several years, combining interest in videography and cinematography with an interest in photography in a variety of projects.

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