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Ben Lane's Video Portfolio

One of the leading interests for our group has always been video production. In pursuit of this interest I have developed a number of projects, including short films, educational videos, gameplay, animated content, and a variety of other media.

Included on this page are a number of my videos and projects that I feel best encapsulate the kinds of video production I have engaged in over the years.

All titles are links out to the specifc video.

Short Films

Last Entry

"Last Entry" is a short film produced by The Techies for Campus Movie Fest in 2015

Scripted, filmed, and edited over just three days, "Last Entry" was a finalist in the NCSU 2015 session of CMF.


An impromptu recording turns into a pseudo-documentary on paranormal activity in an abandoned house.

"Denizen" features several members of the Techies exploring an empty house in search of the paranormal in a satire of the paranormal detective genre.


Coast 2 Coast (C2C)

A compilation of footage captured as part of a cross-country road trip.

Featuring video captured while traveling from the east to west coast, set to music and edited for cohesion, this video captures a brief snapshot of a journey across the United States.

Pile Lounge Session (WKNC)

A member of the band Pile performing several songs in a WKNC Lounge Session video produced by the Techies.

Directed, filmed, and edited by myself for the WKNC radio station, this video serves as an example of a series of similar videos produced by me as part of the Lounge Session series.


The Cotton Mill Campaign

Produced for the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina to be used in a symposium on the history of crowd-funding in North Carolina

This video takes the viewer through a brief history of the development of the cotton mill and other productions in North Carolina as part of an effort to create a new industrial economy


The Discovery of the Mound-Builders

An animated short developed to illustrate a segment of the Techies podcast (Apocalypse: Rescheduled)

This video features audio from episode 15 of our podcast, with accompanying video, images, and animation developed to create a highlight video

Miracle Berry Testing

Corey Kozak and Thomas Arndt try out "Miracle Berries" in an ill-conceived setup.

Produced with the basic idea of "Hey you know what would be funny...", this video captures an attempt at live-action "vlog" style content.


Ibb & Obb Gameplay

Gameplay captured in Ibb & Obb featuring Corey Kozak and Thomas Arndt

This video represents another interest of myself and the other members of the Techies, recording and producing gameplay videos for entertainment purposes.