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The Techies Portfolio

One of the leading interests for our group has always been video production. In pursuit of this interest I have developed a number of projects, including short films, educational videos, gameplay, animated content, and a variety of other media.

Included on this page are a number of our videos and projects that we feel best encapsulate the kinds of video production we have engaged in over the years.

All titles are links out to the specifc video.

Short Films

Last Entry

"Last Entry" is a short film produced by The Techies for Campus Movie Fest in 2015

Scripted, filmed, and edited over just three days, "Last Entry" was a finalist in the NCSU 2015 session of CMF.


An impromptu recording turns into a pseudo-documentary on paranormal activity in an abandoned house.

"Denizen" features several members of the Techies exploring an empty house in search of the paranormal in a satire of the paranormal detective genre.


Coast 2 Coast (C2C)

A compilation of footage captured as part of a cross-country road trip.

Featuring video captured while traveling from the east to west coast, set to music and edited for cohesion, this video captures a brief snapshot of a journey across the United States.

Pile Lounge Session (WKNC)

A member of the band Pile performing several songs in a WKNC Lounge Session video produced by the Techies.

Directed, filmed, and edited by myself for the WKNC radio station, this video serves as an example of a series of similar videos produced by me as part of the Lounge Session series.


The Cotton Mill Campaign

Produced for the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina to be used in a symposium on the history of crowd-funding in North Carolina

This video takes the viewer through a brief history of the development of the cotton mill and other productions in North Carolina as part of an effort to create a new industrial economy


The Discovery of the Mound-Builders

An animated short developed to illustrate a segment of the Techies podcast (Apocalypse: Rescheduled)

This video features audio from episode 15 of our podcast, with accompanying video, images, and animation developed to create a highlight video

Miracle Berry Testing

Corey Kozak and Thomas Arndt try out "Miracle Berries" in an ill-conceived setup.

Produced with the basic idea of "Hey you know what would be funny...", this video captures an attempt at live-action "vlog" style content.


Ibb & Obb Gameplay

Gameplay captured in Ibb & Obb featuring Corey Kozak and Thomas Arndt

This video represents another interest of myself and the other members of the Techies, recording and producing gameplay videos for entertainment purposes.