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T3chi3s News
Oct 18

October Update

It's October, well into Fall, and into the new game release season. Gears of War 3 and Batman Arkham City are both out already, with Skyrim, MW3, and Battlefield 3 all coming out in the next few months. Expect a GOW3 review soon, and oher reviews to follow afterward. Techies in College is up and running, and our other channels are being updated as we have time to create new videos (which is becoming something of a luxary). That's all for news this time, the next update will be our 2nd anniversary, by which we expect to have reached 1,000,000 views and 1,000 subscribers. Thanks for all your views and such.

The Hegemon

Techies in College

Welcome everyone to a new era in our existence here at Th3 T3chi3s. Two thirds of our members (myself and Eatsleep) have moved on to higher (and hopefully better) education, leaving Cremnlin behind (though we expect he will join us next year). For you, this is actually a good thing as we now have a significant amount of free time to devote to the site and channels. That said, I proudly introduce Techies in College, our newest channel. Here we plan to post vlogs, footage, and other such collegiate type things. If you go there now you'll see a series called "Humans Versus Zombies", which I don't have time to go into now, but it's awesome so go watch them. New tutorials posted as we finish them, expect a few game reviews in the near future. That's all for this update, this has been the Hegemon, signing out.

July 11

Summer Update

The Hegemon here with our summer update (part 1?). We here at Th3 T3chi3s are busy not being in school presently, sorry for the low output. I personaly stocked up on some games to play through and review for the site, so expect those soon. Be sure to check both of our youtube channels for videos. Like us on facebook if you like (we really arn't to concerned with that) and be sure to subscribe to the channels, it really helps.

July 19th: Be sure to check out the game reviews, Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Rising 2, which can be found here.

May 30

May News Update

Hegemon with a news update. Lots of new videos up on both channels, be sure to check out both Th3 T3chi3s and Techies Gaming . We recently purchased a new capture card, so expect an increase in the quality of the videos on Techies Gaming. As always, you can request specific help on the channel or by contacting us at t3htechi3s@gmail.com. That's all for this update.

Apr 12

GOW 3 Beta

Anyone else excited about the Gears of War 3 beta? The beta begins in a few days from now and you can expect a ton of videos of game play. If you are hoping to get access to the Beta, it came with the Epic Edition of Bullet Storm (April 18th), or you can gain access through a special code from Game Stop (April 25th) for pre-ordering GOW 3 at one of their stores. Those videos will be goin up on TechiesGaming, our other youtube channel. Thats all for this update, Hegemon signing out.

Feb 24
Feb 24

Update February 24th

The Hegemon here with another news update. Not much news this time. The Red Dead Redemption review and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood review are both up now, with Star Wars Force Unleased 2 and Borderlands slated for next week. Additionally we have new videos from Cremnlin and Eatsleep up at the youtube channel. Go ahead and check those out. Remember, any questions or comments or request you have can be posted on the forum. Check back soon for more reviews and tutorials.

Feb 8

Th3 T3chi3s: Back in Action

Hey everyone, this is the Hegemon with a very much belated news update! Some of you may have been wondering; "Where is the news update, and whats going on with the low number of videos?". If this was you, I am dreadfully sorry for a number of reasons, only one of which is pity. Anyway, we here at Th3 T3chi3s have had a hard January. School exams and the start of a new semester of classes have captivated most of our free time for the last month, but we hope to get up and running with the usual videos and reviews soon enough. Shamrock, our newest T3chi3s, is hard at work with a site revampp that will help expedite updates and changes to the site, including our news system. As far as videos go, don't anticipate to many new programs. If we find anything really cool, we'll get it to you as soon as possible. Expect three new game reviws soon, I am hard at work trying to summerize and rate three new releases of the past few months; '' "Red Dead: Redemption", "Star Wars Force Unleased", and "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood". Additionally, some of us here at Th3 T3chi3s are working on expanding our software capacities. This means new videos from contributors who previously did not use the program. I am personally workingquite a bit in animation and hope to bring some of this new knowledge to you, our loyal viewers. That about does it for this update. If you have any questions, be sure to post them on the forum or on our facebook page, here. And if you're feeling generous or empty inside, consier donating via the link below.

Dec 14

Th3 T3chi3s Winter Break

Time for another new update T3chi3s fans! Seriously though, another busy month behind us and a much more sluggish one ahead of us. As we approach the holiday season, we here at Th3 T3chi3s may seem to be slowing down on our video production. As with any organization here in the United States we will be taking this period off to spend time with our families. While our next few weeks may be a little low on video post you can rest assured that our return with the New Year will be voracious. As we are true nerds here at Th3 T3chi3s, any present we recieve will probably have something to do with technology, so expect a deluge of new videos and reviews come New Years. As far as site updates, not much to report since our Anniversary post. We have several new videos for you to see, and the new Halo: Reach review in our game review section. This is Hegemon signing out for now, Happy Holidays from Th3 T3chi3s!

Nov 20

1st Anniversary

A year ago today, Th3 T3chi3s was founded, the YouTube channel was created, and the first video was uploaded. Since then, we have uploaded nearly 150 videos, and they have been viewed more than 280,000 times! Work on our site began shortly after November 20th, 2009 and has accumulated thousands of visitors since its official launch in March of this year. Congratulations to the whole T3chi3s team and thank you to all of our viewers! If you would like to help Th3 T3chi3s prosper, feel free to make a donation through the donation button at the bottom of our home page or clicking here.

Oct 08

Site Overhaul

It has been months since our last news update, but do not fear, we have not abandoned the site. We have done quite the opposite, in fact! Between the beginning of the summer vacation and now we have been working on a major internal overhaul of the site to make it more accessible and easier to update. You will only notice a few outward changes like the RSS feed, search bar, and rating and commenting systems. We hope you enjoy the new videos that we have continued to put out and more forthcoming site updates.

July 08

Week of May 6-July 8

Hey everyone, this is the largest update in Techies history. From May 6 to July 8?? Yes, The Techies have been both lazy and busy making updates to the site. You will not see the newest updates untill we polish the code. As for videos, they still come out often 14 since we last updated the site. Rather than give the customary into to the videos, I will just list them for you because there are 14 of 'em!!. Hope you are enjoying your summer, and will continue until it is sadly over.

Videos released this Month!!:

3ds Max Boolean , 3ds Max Constraints , Xbox 360 Mods pt1, Bat File Shutdown, Corel Draw Text editing, Magix Movie edit, Paint.NET Bullet, Paint.NET Brushes, Paint.NET Eye Re-Color , Paint.NET Fire Text, Paint.NET Text Editing, Paint.NET 3d Shapes, Paint.NET Motion Blur, Photoscape

June 06

Week of May 30-May 6

The first week of summer will be a busy one for us here at Th3 T3chi3s. Our avid followers (all three of you!) and the many that have ended up here accidentally can expect some changes to the site. Work is underway to simplify the process of adding material, which will allow us to bring more material to you faster! Expect the new "Personals" section within the next few weeks where you can browse the thoughts and opinions of all six techies. Did I say six techies? Yes I did, because this week we welcome Shamrok and Churchman to our team, with the hope that their tech expertise can help to further our goal of world domination... or at least teach you something. New material this week will consist of a new game review, the first of a series of GIMP tutorials and other videos from the newest techie members.

Videos released this week:

3ds Max Reactor Water, Sound editing in Vegas, Background in Paint.NET

May 30

Week of May 24-May 30

We are pleased to welcome a new member to Th3 T3chi3s team. Shamrok specializes in programming as well as console gaming. This week Eatsleep introduced his thoughts on the new title update in Gears of War 2, he also created a tutorial on bump maps in Sony Vegas. Cremnlin popped out a great tutorial of Reactor in 3ds Max.

Videos released this week:

3ds Max Reactor, Vegas Bump Map, Gears of War 2: TU6

May 23

Week of May 16-May 23

This week, we are proud to introcude the newest member to th3 t3chi3s team. He is known as ChurchMan and will be specializing in areas such as consoles and gaming in general. Along with the new blood, EatSleep made a very useful and informative video about the APQ Virus, and Cremnlin submited another addition to our InkScape tutoriuals.

Videos released this week:

InkScape Tweaking, APQ Virus Removal

May 16

Week of May 9-May 16

This was a historic week for Th3 Techies, this past Thursday Cremnlin made our 100th video. The video displayed our love for making video tutorials and helping the tech community. Eatsleep also released 2 tutorials depicting the use of download mamagers and playing with legos on the computer.

Videos released this week

OUR 100th Video!, Legos!, Download Manager

Mar 8

Week of March 1- March 8

This week witnessed a plethora of new videos as EatSleep and Cremnlin churned out four videos on various fields of technology ranging from a 3D Desktop Environment to the newly released Halo Reach Beta.

To read the full article, click here.

The areas addressed by our videos this week were PhotoShop CS5, Halo Reach, Corel Video Studio, and BumTop.

Apr 24

Week of April 18-April 24

This has been an exciting week for Th3techies.com, Eatsleep made a tutorial on creating Windows XP shortcuts. Cremnlin continued his past playlist by creating a 3ds Max tutorial on animation and a Corel Draw tutorial on dimension lines. Cremnlin is also working on a new feature that he hopes to air soon.

To read the full article, click here.

To watch the 3ds Max tutorial, click here.

To watch the newest Corel Draw tutorial, click here.

To watch the Windows XP shortcuts tutorial, click here.

Apr 18

Week of April 12-April 18

This week was productive on Th3techies.com Eatsleep expanded on his basic Paint.NET tutorial with two videos on how to make custom fonts that match Gears of War and Modern Warfare 2. Cremnlin introduced a tutorial on manipulating clips of video within another video in Corel Video Studio.

To read the full article, click here.

To watch the Modern Warfare 2 font tutorial, click here.

To watch the Gears of War font tutorial, click here.

To watch the Corel Video Studio tutorial, click here.

Apr 11

Week of April 5-April 11

This week in a lot of new content was added to the site. Cremnlin introduced batch file programming, Eatsleep created a tutorial on how to download free fonts and made a tutorial on Corel Video Studio pro. Also The Hegemon upload 3 great game reviews on Gears of War, Assassins Creed and Rock Band 2.

To read the full article, click here.

To watch the Batch File tutorial, click here.

To read The Hegemon's Game Reviews, click here.

To watch the Corel Video Studio tutorial, click here.

To watch How to get free fonts tutorial, click here.

Apr 4

Week of March 27-April 4 This week Cremnlin introduced command prompt in his basic tutorial, and Eatsleep taught a little about gradients in Inkscape.

To read the full article, click here.

To watch the Command Prompt tutorial, click here.

To watch the Inkscape Gradient tutorial, click here.

Mar 26

Week of March 20-26 This week brought two new tutorial to the site. The first being a wonderful video on the vector and raster editting program called Paint.NET by Eatsleep. The second was another Corel Draw video by Cremnlin on Artistic Media.

To read the full article, click here.

To watch the Paint.NET tutorial, click here.

To watch the Artistic Media tutorial, click here.

Mar 20

New Tutorials This week Eatsleep made his first tutorial on Unreal Development Kit, a Game editor/maker. Cremnlin also made an easy to follow PSPad tutorial.

To watch the Unreal tutorial click here.

To watch the PSPad tutorial click here.

Mar 14

Site Released Hello, and welcome to the all new Th3 T3chi3s website! I am Cremnlin, the cofounder of Th3 T3chi3s and am very pround of the work all of us have been doing for the past few month to get this site online. Go ahead and check out the layout and features of the site.

To read the full article, click here.