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Week of April 12-18

By Cremnlin

Posted: April 18, 2010

This week has been a great one in terms of quality content on the site. Eatsleep's Modern Warfare 2 and Gears of War font tutorials were excellent and Cremnlin's Video Studio Tutorial was full of blueberry muffins. We will work hard to provide content will ever increasing quality as our expertize and knowledge grows.

The discussion on the Forum is getting ever more interesting and the community is growing. Many subjects are discussed on it ranging from Google's success to the nature of life's existence. Thank you to the regular posters and contributors for keeping the community strong and lively.

In the next week, a new and amazing feature will be introduced to the site. It is called the Personals Section. The purpose of the new service is to accommodate the users out there that wish to contribute content to the site without being confined to the topic of technology. An active member of the community will be able to request his own space on the site and it will be provided with a customized subdomain. The user than will have control over his new section and will be able to add content about almost anything. If you wish to take advantage of this upcoming service, please become show your dedication on the forum or by submitting technology-related content. More information will be provided in next week's update with the release of the Personals Section.