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Week of March 20-26

By The Hegemon

Posted: March 26, 2010

We here at Th3 T3chi3s are happy to report that after less than two weeks, our site has had many unique viewers and our forum is flourishing. The website and forum will see some significant changes in the next few weeks as our members work to better it. Upcoming content from all of our contributors and founders will be available starting today and new features on the website are expected soon enough.

This week you can expect a variety of new materials, videos on Coral Draw, Paint and an as of yet undetermined piece software will be on the site soon. In addition, you can expect a review of Rock Band 2, and some aesthetic and grammatical corrections. Several bugs on the site are currently being corrected, and the new ‘Personal’ section will be up soon.

Our Forum is growing daily, currently we have 13 registered users and forty-six discussion areas where you can ask for support or talk to any of the T3chi3s. If you want support or technical advice, please use the forum, the site’s contact us feature does not work as of yet.

As the site grows, many may forget our YouTube channel. While the site will ultimately replace the channel, it is currently not an independent source, will all of the videos posted through YouTube, as opposed to being embedded in our site. New videos should still be available soon after being posted on the site, but will still be posted first on YouTube. Our channel on YouTube now has 24,000 views.

Th3 T3chi3s will continue to accept appropriate material from those who wish to contribute, but the posting of the material and links on our site and forum is at the discretion of the members. If you want to submit something to Th3 T3chies, first contact either Cremlin or Eatsleep at our forum. We will have a discussion amongst the members as to whether or not the material is appropriate for posting.