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3 1 2016

The New Techies Website! Welcome to the newly redesigned Techies website, updated and modernized, and just generally a lot better. Stick with us as we continue to add new content to the site, as we begin to expand our coverage of technology and related interest. Our next big project is our Project Hub pages, where guides to larger, more comprehensive tutorials will be hosted. Also, we are coming up on the sixth anniversary of the website in just a few weeks, thanks to everyone that has viewed our site, and we hope to continue to put out informative tutorials and entertaining content in the future!

New Content

Photoshop Basic Editing Tutorial - Levels and Color Balance

In this tutorial Corey will teach you how to do some basic editing to your photographs using two simple editing concepts

Published by Eatsleep On: 2015-11-23

If you would like to see more tutorials about Photoshop please leave us a comment or send us a request

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