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About Th3 T3chi3s

Since 2009, Th3 T3chi3s have sought to educate others on a variety of subjects ranging from computer hardware and software, to video game reviews and filming technique.

Our primary goal is to provide a quality source for instructional content on a variety of technological fields. Through the production of video and written tutorials, as well as other education products, we hope to help spread our knowledge in these areas to others, and to share our passion for technology.

In addition to our educational work, we have also, on occassion, taken on contract work, including editing, reviews, and media creation. If you are interested in contacting Th3 T3hi3s regarding contracting us for a project, please see the Contact Us page.


Corey Kozak, President

Corey's Videos
Quote: "Everyone has to start somewhere, we just want to make those first steps a little easier"

Corey is the founder of Th3 T3chi3s, and has worked in the production of educational materials on software and hardware for more than six years. He is primarily responsible for the behind-the-scenes operations of the website.

Corey produces the majority of the tutorials for the website and youtube channel.

His interest are in the fields of film and sound editing, video production, and in programming.


Ben Lane, Chief Executive Officer

Ben's Videos
Quote: "Nobody starts out knowing how to do anything, and since you have to start somewhere, it might as well be here"

Ben Lane is the web manager and designer responsible for the management, design, and curration of the website, as well as the news updates for the site.

Along with Corey, Ben is also responsible for the creation of the tutorials, reviews, and other media produced by Th3 T3chi3s, for both the website, and the youtube channel.

His interest are primarily in video production, editing, security, and animation.