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A New Redesign (Again) It's that time of the year again (more just whenever Corey wants to do something) where we redesign the site. In short we wanted the site to work on mobile even though there really isn't a reason to view this on mobile; but feel free to do so it looks pretty great.

We redesigned the site again for the 3rd time now.

New Content

After Effects Sliding Text Mograph Animation

Eatsleep teaches you how to create a really simple and elegant text animation in After Effects

Published by On: 2016-09-12

If you would like to see more tutorials about After Effects please leave us a comment or send us a request

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The Untitled Podcast: Episode 7 (Ghost Pants)

No we didn't name the podcast. Ghost Pants, perhaps the worst named podcast episode so far, but hey, they can't all be winners. Amazingly, we almost named the podcast this week, but ultimately didn't; some last second cold feet and the entrance of a new name quickly ended our hopes and dreams. But don't worry, it will be named, I guarantee it, just not this week. While we had intended to cover a variety of news this week, we got to almost none of it, and the episode is largely a free-flowing conversation about who knows what, so if that's your cup of tea, it's your lucky day. Also, Pirate of the Caribbean (the first one). Oh, and Burger King sucks.

Published On: 2016-09-21

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