Honestly, nothing matters at all anyway.

- The Hegemon

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Oct 30

News Update: 10/30/2014

A news update? To this website? Is this even possible? Yes, it is! Th3 T3chi3s still exist, and while we are basically out of new content to produce, we are still in operation, even if in a stanby mode of sorts. Feel free to contact us through the various established avenues, though your best bet is, and will remain, youtube messages to our channel. Will new videos be made? Maybe, unlikely, but it can happen. Simply put, we lack the motivation, time, or content ideas to produce new tutorials. If you have something specific in mind, feel free to contact us, and we will look into producing it.

Also, a friend of the site has started a new youtube channel, hosting gaming content and videos. Looking to kill ten to twenty minutes, why not check it out? Super Happy Game Time.

Mar 25

Third Anniversary!

It slipped my mind when posting last week, but March 20th marked the third anniversary for this site! Thanks to everyone who views this site, and thanks for keeping us going for three years!

Mar 22

March News Update

Welcome to Th3 T3chi3s! This is the first news update in quite some time, and quite a lot has happened. Since our last update, we have shot past 1 million views, and are rapidly approaching 2 million! (we should be there in a month) As of this posting, we have hit 2,000 subscribers! New content is returning, and we are begining to start up in full force. New content is back on Th3 T3chi3s, new content is back on Techies Gaming, new content is even back on Techies in College. The break has been long, but you can expect new content and new updates more often. New tutorials, game contary, reviews, videos, even some random fun stuff, all coming back. With 2,000 subscribers, and quickly approaching 2,000,000 views, Th3 T3chi3s are back in full force. Expect even more new content over Summer.